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Where is your factory location?

Building 1, Ruiniao E-commerce Industrial Park, Wanda Road, Wanquan Town, Pingyang County, Rui'an City, Zhejiang Province.

What minimum width of paper rolls that can be divided by paper roll slitting machine?

Min slit width is 5mm, but also depends on characteristic of paper.

What is the thinnest and thickest materials that machine can handle?

Standard from 30-500gsm for paper and 10-300um film.

How to install and adjust the slitting knives of the paper slitting rewinding machine?

Esay-setting knife install on machine adjust by manual and it can update to semi auto and full auto also.

What is the difference between a paper roll slitting rewinding machine and a paper roll cutter machine?

Usually what we call a paper roll cutter is to cut the paper rolls into size sheets. The paper roll slitting rewinding is used to convert large paper rolls into smaller widths paper rolls.

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