Depend on Our
Exceptional HONCO Service
Understanding your business needs ensures 24/7 reliability and fast, dependable support in critical times
Reliable supply of spare parts
We provide an exhaustive list of spare parts and ensure sufficient stock of commonly used parts. For wearing parts, we keep an extra set in stock before shipment to ensure the continuous operation of customers'equipment.
Professional Engineer Support
Customers can choose to send engineers at their own expense to solve problems in equipment installation, commissioning and maintenance. Our team of experienced engineers can provide fast and effective technical support
Strict Warranty Standards
We strictly implement uniform delivery standards to ensure that the equipment is fully inspected and tested before leaving the factory. At the same time,we provide a one-year warranty service to ensure the normal use and maintenance of the customer's equipment.
Manage your
shopping experience smoothly
Our order process is simple, efficient and hassle-free.
Briefing Meeting
Gathering client requirements for customized design and construction.
Media Acceptance
Client testing to ensure product meets expectations.
Ongoing Support
Continuous maintenance and assistance for long-term satisfaction
Purchase Agreement
Negotiation and signing of terms regarding price, delivery, and warranty.
Designing, manufacturing and testing the product.
Installation & Training
On-site installation and training for product use and maintenance.
A true partnership. Endless opportunities.
What do people say?
I bought first machine from Honco In end of 2022, and second one in Oct. of 2023, Hope after 9 months will order the third one, and more in future
Comprehensive technical support services
To provide you with professional installation, commissioning and problem solutions
HONCO provides a full range of technical support services, including the installation and commissioning phase. During the installation process,we provide onlineguidance to ensure that customers successfully complete the installation and commissioning.
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Complete control over products allows us to ensure our customers receivethe best qualityprices and service.


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