Professional assembly and Quality assurance
Experienced assemblers
We have a team of assemblers with 20 years of experience to ensure that each piece of equipment is professionally assembled.
Strict factory inspection
We have specialized quality inspectors to conduct a comprehensive inspection before the equipment leaves the factory and send the video recording of the inspection process to the customers to ensure that the quality of the equipment meets the standards.
24-hour empty running test
Before delivery, we will run the equipment for 24 hours empty running test to ensure its stable operation and reliability.
High-quality spare parts
We choose excellent brand and reliable quality spare parts to provide reliable guarantee for the long-term operation of the equipment.
Customized Solutions and Ongoing Service Support
Technology-leading customization and R&D team
HONCO has leading customized solutions and innovative R&D technologies.
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Comprehensive after-sales service support
HONCO provides a full range of after-sales service support to ensure that our customers' equipment continues to run smoothly.
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Complete control over products allows us to ensure our customers receivethe best qualityprices and service.


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